As industry champions, we are motivated to advocate and support new research setting the standards of tomorrow.

The MKA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is proud to work with the following Industry Partners and University Researchers for our research programs. Each has proven to be a valuable industry champion, advocating and supporting new research.



Purdue University
Dr. Amit Varma

University at Buffalo
Dr. Michel Bruneau

Washington State University
Dr. J. Daniel Dolan

The University of Kansas
Dr. Andres Lepage

University of Texas at Arlington
Dr. Shih-Ho (Simon) Chao

University of Michigan
Dr. Seymour M.J. Spence

University of Washington
Dr. Jeff Berman
Dr. Dawn Lehman
Prof. Katherine Simonen

China Academy of Building Research Technologies
Congzhen Ziao
Tao Chen
Fei Deng

University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. John W. Wallace

University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Jack P. Moehle